Stella Mccartney Spring ’18 Preview Collection

 Walking into Stella’s fairy green wonderland on the west side of Chelsea felt like a dream. The music was playing, drinks were being poured, and I was surrounded by pretty people who love fashion almost as much as I do. But the best part was previewing the incredible Spring ’18 collection.

Stella Mccartney is hands down my favorite designer and woman in fashion. A lifelong vegetarian, McCartney does not use any leather or fur in her designs. Ive always loved all of her designs including her famous fun and functional bags and insanely cool platform elyse shoes. But the Spring ’18 collection really blew me away. Her design aesthetic was full always very clean lines with funky details. But this collection was EVEN cleaner.  The pieces have a fun playful energy that meets functional cool and will work for the confident woman of all ages.IMG_4945

I think I have found the perfect tote.


So much YES for these cool shades. I cannot wait to style the yellow ones.


A cool backpack is a must for every city gal. I definitely need this for everyday and travel.






Finally an event with vegan Hors d’oeuvres. Yes please.








This is the bag of my dreams. Thank you Stella. All is LOVE ❤






The most exciting part of this collection for me is the new Elyse- sneaker. The new sporty take on her famous Elyse platform shoe is lightweight with a playful edge, combining classic sneaker elements with the modern facets of the Elyse.








The future of fashion is ethical. Stella proves that luxury and ethics can go hand in hand. Thank you Stella for being a loud voice and for creating beautiful luxury designs without the cruelty. I am looking forward to adding so many of these pieces to my vegan closet.


Hugs for now,

Layala ❤