I’m A Cool Girl

Ever since I remember, all I wanted was to to be cool. I wanted to look cool, to do cool things, and to wear cool clothing.

Growing up in an extreme orthodox cult, I was the furthest from being cool. Everything remotely cool was prohibited. Everyone around me was so uncool. Being uncool was the cool thing to be. I was forced to remain uncool but never gave up on my dream of being a cool girl one day.

After leaving everything I knew, I was determined to be cool. I was lost, alone, clueless, and still so far from cool. I  had nobody to teach me the basics of being cool. I wished there was a guide I can pick up to teach me the basics of being cool. There was no guide, no easy way to learn, and no one to ask questions on how to be a cool girl. But there were blogs. and boy did i love reading blogs. So many cool girls, willing to share details of how they live, how to dress, and what they eat. I couldn’t get enough.

Years passed by, and many mistakes were made. At first, I tried being cool by being just like everyone else. I wasn’t happy and definitely didn’t feel like the cool girl of my dreams. When I dressed like everyone else, I felt uncomfortable in my own body. Society said a girls gotta suffer for beauty, so I did.

Until one day I realized that I am already cool. Me, my own personal style, wearing what makes me comfortable, not giving a fuck, making ethical choices, my motivation, my views, my self expression.. Everything about me was cool. At that moment, I became the cool girl I always wanted to be.

Now that cool girl has grown, gone through changes, discovered her personal style, and became a stylish woman. And Im ready to start my own blog. To share what inspires me in my daily life. Living in this big bustling city is exciting and crazy. I can’t wait to share with you my outfits, routines, favorite restaurants, and more. My goal is to inspire all girls in this world to discover their inner cool girl. The cool girl is deep inside of you. I’m here to help you find her.

Today I am wearing a huge men Guns & Roses tee that I scored at a local thrift shop, that I tucked into my grlfrnd denim jeans. I love those jeans. They are perfect. Not too tight, not too loose, mid-rise, and slightly ripped. Just the way I like it. The shoes are my go to Stella McCartney platform shoes that I wear way too often. Those were expensive but were a great buy. They are so comfortable. I love wearing them around Brooklyn or when working on clients. The white sole is definitely showing signs of these nyc streets but hey I’ll just pretend that’s part of my look. I  accessorized with a fun choker to glam my basics up. My jacket is really old oversized faux shearling from H & M.

The bag is an old vegan bag I got from Dailylook.com. Im shocked at how nicely its holding up. I abuse the crap out of this bag. Its beginning to show signs of falling apart and I honestly don’t know what i’ll do when it finally gives in. I love the shape, the size, and how it looks like a cool girl bag without being made of leather. That is way cooler if you ask me.

My everyday cool girl makeup look consists of a thin layer of foundation, defined brows, neutral eyes, lots of mascara, and a 90s brown lip. More on that will come in a separate blog post.

I’m truly excited to start my blogging journey. I hope my blog will inspire you to live truly, live ethically, and to find your own inner cool girl or boy.


Layala ❤

Photos by the Ruchy Baum, the greatest photographer who always brings out my innermost cool girl. Follow her here.









Jeans: Revolve 

Jacket: H & M (old)

Shoes: Stella McCartney

Choker: TJ Maxx !

Bag: Dailylook

Lipstick: My shop!