Sunset at the Lake 

We spent a day in the beautiful historical Nyack, New York, just 45 minutes away from New York City. The quietness that greeted us after passing the GW bridge was so good for our souls. Among charming trademarked houses and cozy cafes we walked around and inhaled the fresh country air.

We started our day with brunch at the cult favorite Art Cafe. After eating the most delicious flavorful Middle Eastern ear like freshly baked pita bread and freshly blended hummus, we spent a few hours around the nature and ducks at the Hudson River.

Then we headed out to Harriman State Park   to explore the scenic Hudson Valley and experience the breathtaking sunset on the lake. We dipped into the warm crystal clean water as the sun set over the horizon and the leaves blew in the wind.

Caramel was the first to enter the lake and had the best time chasing fish.
We had a perfect day.

Just us.

In nature.




Welcome to the relaunch.  On I’ll post my viewpoint of my joirney called life. I often think how the gift I’m most grateful for is the gift of my eyes. This gift that enables me to capture the beauty of planet Earth.  All the beautiful places I visit and things I see inspire me. And that inspiration is what is constantly urges me to capture the precious moments of life.

Here is where I will share those moments. I will share photos, videos, and tips on how I live my best life and how you can, too. I will share healthy recipes, beauty favorites, and so much more.

Life is incredibly beautiful when you learn to see the beauty in every moment .

I hope you enjoy my visual journal and my personal thoughts on various things.


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