Blue Jean Baby

Denim is part of my DNA. My style has always been a perfect mix of different styles and vibes. You see when living in NYC, specifically Brooklyn, comfort and functionality is key to your everyday style. I want to look good, but I also want to be warm, comfortable, effortless, and lastly cool.

This vintage Diesel one piece checks all the boxes. I scored it a few years ago at a thrift boutique and have worn it a million times and a million ways ever since.



denim 3




denim 4

Today, I paired it with a funky pair of shoes Yaakov (my partner)  gifted me. He knows my love for amazing and sometimes weird statement shoes. He picked up this pair from a South Brooklyn boutique called Enzyme.  Definitely inspired by Kanyes’ Yeezy collection, this is a cheap and comfortable take on the queer trend of plastic shoes. I love how the shoe texture and style works with the blue denim. And of course its 100% vegan and leather free as are all my other shoes. An almost identical pair is available here.

denim 5


denim 6

This statement Stella McCartney denim bag is simply perfect. I love the significantly heavy silver hardware and cool, funky, yet functional design. Stella’s bags are all vegan and made with sustainable fibers. More of her amazing bags here.

denim 7

Lastly, I layered with my basic black Theory coat and accessorized with a silver lariat necklace by HRH Collection. My signature brown lip is from the Careline ever last collection available on my cosmetics website.  These lipsticks dry on your lips and never come off! Talk about functionality!

Hope you guys enjoyed and stay tuned for more!




Photos by Ruchie Baum Photography 



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