Brooklyn Parisian Chic


Hi friends!

How has your week been? It has getting warmer and warmer in NYC and I am loving it! Everything is beginning to look greener, smell fresher, and faces are appearing happier. I am so excited for my favorite season to arrive. I hope that the frigid cold days of this winter season are over.

Now that March is here, I find myself reflecting on the first two months of the year, and the things I’ve accomplished. When the year started, I made a resolution to start blogging to  journal my love for fashion and design and to inspire others to live a healthy, ethical, and positive lifestyle. Its been really fun to record my favorite looks and I’m planning many fun segments for the future. I also promised that this year I will make all my dreams a reality. I am a huge dreamer. I always was. My imagination has no limits and I always think big and believe that everything I imagine can happen. The problem is making all my dreams a reality. I have come to the realization that if I want to transform my  big dreams into a concrete reality, I have to just jump in and go for it! I constantly overthink thingsand my ability to succeed but I keep on reminding myself that trying and failing is better than not trying at all. This will be my March mantra as I conquer many projects and work on creating the successful life I aspire to live.

This month, I will:

  1. Be kind to myself . “I am enough. My body is perfect. My flaws are what make me, me.” Say it with me.
  2.  Connect with creative people who lift me up and bring out the best in me.
  3. Try to make at least 3 Crossfit classes a week
  4. Take a few hikes. I love hiking and have missed the nature and rocks during the past few months.
  5. Empty out my overloaded closet and invest in nicer basic pieces that I can enjoy for many years to come! #minimalist
  6. Start a youtube channel, Finally! Stay tuned.
  7. Laugh more.
  8. Complain less.
  9. Take my bike down from its long winter hiatus and start cycling again.
  10. Keep on dreaming, creating, writing, and stay focused on my goals.



This outfit is my take on March fashion. It is still too early for spring pastels and light colors,  but some of the heavier layers are ready to come off. These H & M overalls are a closet staple for me, for all seasons. The kind of wardrobe piece I treasure and enjoy playing around with. The cut of this pair of overalls is different than most. It fits snugly, yet comfortably, and works with many different tops.


Today, I paired it with a thrifted faux silk striped shirt. This shirt was an amazing Goodwill find and I call it my Parisian chic theater shirt. I just imagine a chic French clown wore it on stage. I love how it works so well with the washed out denim dungarees and it makes such a great comfortable outfit. I paired it with a satin choker from Forever 21 that adds just a touch of grunge put -togetherness to this look.




Arm candy brought to you by Ozora Festival and Goody

Lipstick is Careline 24 from the Matte collection. Available here.


Being that I am a crazy hat lady, I am always searching for unique vegan hats which are proving to be quite the challenge. Even cheaper hats are usually made of wool. I was so happy to find this cute hat at TJ Maxx. Its by August Hat Company and the color, the shape, and the fit is so perfect and screams my name. (YES I’m aware that it needs a cleaning. I’m actually looking forward to going to the hat store. It just cracks me up #hipsters)



Say hello to my favorite pair of shoes. Get ready to watch her be styled many times many different ways. This pair is me if i’d be a shoe: Tough and pretty. Tomboyish, but delicate. I wear them almost every day.


This backpack is SO CUTE. It is leather free of course and very much inspired by Stella McCartney’s bag designs. I prefer this one because it is bigger and fits my macbook + all my other stuff when traveling. I scored it at a shoe store in Montreal called Browns. It was very affordable and I have been using it for years.

Backpacks > Handbags

Anyone agree?


 Have a great week my loves!

Photos by Ruchie Baum

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It would mean the world to me.

Love always,

Layala ❤


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