Happy Valentines day friends!

Today was incredible.

Yaakov and I went to our newly discovered favorite Italian restaurant, Johns of 12th . Johns is a NYC classic since 1908 serving both vegan and non vegan Italian classics like raviolis, parmigians,  and cannoli. Their food never ever disappoints, and because we love Italian food so much,  we made reservations for V day. img_4454img_4457img_4458img_4459img_4461img_4462img_4465

This Reformation dress was obviously the perfect pick for this special night. Not only is Reformation one of my all time favorite fashion labels, but they are also an ethical brand that uses only sustainable methods and materials for producing their clothes.LOVE.  img_4466img_4467

Shoes are by Public desire  img_4468

Johns’ Valentines vegan menu was AMAZING. They had quite a few newer main course options including Eggplant parmigiana , several delicious sounding seitan dishes, and a tomato, spinach, and tofu ravioli with a basil marinara sauce. Naturally, I picked the latter. img_4471

I started my dinner with a big fresh green salad as I always do. img_4472

…..and then devoured the stuffed mushroom appetizer… img_4473

The ravioli was so so so satisfying and delicious. It was cheesy, full of spinach, with the perfect sauce, and sprinkle of basil. Although, I promised Ill treat myself to a dessert on this special day, after eating this dish, I just could not. Now that I think of it, I definitely should have had a scoop of John’s vegan ice cream. But at that moment, I could not think of any more food. Next time, I guess. img_4474img_4476img_4478img_4480


Thank you Yaakov for being such an incredible partner and my best friend.  7 Valentine days, and during every single one you have made me the happiest girl on the planet . I love you and am looking forward to our bright future!  img_4482

Overall, I had a great V day with my lover and the best vegan food. What else can a girl ask for? I hope all of you celebrating had a great day too. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to all my followers.


Layala ❤

One thought on “Celebrating Love

  1. Hi! I saw your post in the Raw Till Whenever FB group so I went to you page and saw the link to this post. Just had to mention that I was also at John’s on V Day! One of my favorite spots. I post a bunch NYC vegan places on my Instagram, @vegan_rach.


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