Hi friends! Welcome to my home.
I love vintage finds , rock music, and industrial designs, so it’s no surprise that my loft apartment is a reflection of all those things. I describe my space as industrial warehouse meets cozy cottage meets rockstar Gotham vibes.

I am completely in love with my space and fun fact- before yaakov and I moved in, it was a vintage car mechanics garage. It was completely designed by yaakov and I and I will share many more details of different parts of my space on this blog in the near future.

I love being comfortable at home. If I’m  cooking, designing, working on my makeup website, or relaxing on the couch, I love being dressed in pieces that make me feel and look great.



I love cream sweaters, and this one I found at American Apparel is perfect. I was so sad to hear about AA’s apparent bankruptcy (or selling out?) but I was happy to take advantage of their sale and support one of the few ethical Made In America fashion brands. I love the mock neck and the short slightly cropped length.



Those jeans are a bargain find from Target. They are awesome. I recently discovered that Target carries jeans with different length, width, and waist sizes. Meaning whatever your size, you will probably find a well fitted pair for $30 or less at targets denim section. I have a tiny waist and wider hips so finding high waisted skinnies that fit properly can sometimes be challenging. I’m so in love with this pair that fits perfectly and feels like a second skin. For me, skinnies have to be S K I N N Y or else…


Those earrings are from a booth at The Grove in LA.


My necklaces are just dainty gold chains that I adore. The heart one is from Yaakov and the L pendant is from my mom ❤


How cute is Caramel? She’s so photogenic and will definitely feature this fluff ball in more of my future posts. Behind her is the first 1000 piece puzzle I’ve recently finished and obviously had to frame.


I have a slight obsession with burnt orange lipstick. Its my go to in the winter. Find this gorgeous matte one on my website here.



I’m sometimes a basic bitch with clothing, but never with shoes. My vegan shoe collection is dope, if I can say so myself ( I can). I scored this Jeffrey Campbell pair on Poshmark – one of the best fashion apps ever created. Its a great app for both buying and selling new and used items especially hard to find ones or from past seasons. I love everything about this pair and love pairing it with an otherwise basic outfit. Use code BNCTE when signing up for $5 on your first purchase.  Also, if you’re interested, check out my Poshmark closet here. 


I hope you enjoyed this post guys! More fun posts coming soon!



Sending the biggest hugs,




Photos by Ruchie Baum Photography











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