I’m A Cool Girl

Ever since I remember, all I wanted was to to be cool. I wanted to look cool, to do cool things, and to wear cool clothing.

Growing up in an extreme orthodox cult, I was the furthest from being cool. Everything remotely cool was prohibited. Everyone around me was so uncool. Being uncool was the cool thing to be. I was forced to remain uncool but never gave up on my dream of being a cool girl one day.

After leaving everything I knew, I was determined to be cool. I was lost, alone, clueless, and still so far from cool. I  had nobody to teach me the basics of being cool. I wished there was a guide I can pick up to teach me the basics of being cool. There was no guide, no easy way to learn, and no one to ask questions on how to be a cool girl. But there were blogs. and boy did i love reading blogs. So many cool girls, willing to share details of how they live, how to dress, and what they eat. I couldn’t get enough.

Years passed by, and many mistakes were made. At first, I tried being cool by being just like everyone else. I wasn’t happy and definitely didn’t feel like the cool girl of my dreams. When I dressed like everyone else, I felt uncomfortable in my own body. Society said a girls gotta suffer for beauty, so I did.

Until one day I realized that I am already cool. Me, my own personal style, wearing what makes me comfortable, not giving a fuck, making ethical choices, my motivation, my views, my self expression.. Everything about me was cool. At that moment, I became the cool girl I always wanted to be.

Now that cool girl has grown, gone through changes, discovered her personal style, and became a stylish woman. And Im ready to start my own blog. To share what inspires me in my daily life. Living in this big bustling city is exciting and crazy. I can’t wait to share with you my outfits, routines, favorite restaurants, and more. My goal is to inspire all girls in this world to discover their inner cool girl. The cool girl is deep inside of you. I’m here to help you find her.

Today I am wearing a huge men Guns & Roses tee that I scored at a local thrift shop, that I tucked into my grlfrnd denim jeans. I love those jeans. They are perfect. Not too tight, not too loose, mid-rise, and slightly ripped. Just the way I like it. The shoes are my go to Stella McCartney platform shoes that I wear way too often. Those were expensive but were a great buy. They are so comfortable. I love wearing them around Brooklyn or when working on clients. The white sole is definitely showing signs of these nyc streets but hey I’ll just pretend that’s part of my look. I  accessorized with a fun choker to glam my basics up. My jacket is really old oversized faux shearling from H & M.

The bag is an old vegan bag I got from Dailylook.com. Im shocked at how nicely its holding up. I abuse the crap out of this bag. Its beginning to show signs of falling apart and I honestly don’t know what i’ll do when it finally gives in. I love the shape, the size, and how it looks like a cool girl bag without being made of leather. That is way cooler if you ask me.

My everyday cool girl makeup look consists of a thin layer of foundation, defined brows, neutral eyes, lots of mascara, and a 90s brown lip. More on that will come in a separate blog post.

I’m truly excited to start my blogging journey. I hope my blog will inspire you to live truly, live ethically, and to find your own inner cool girl or boy.


Layala ❤

Photos by the Ruchy Baum, the greatest photographer who always brings out my innermost cool girl. Follow her here.









Jeans: Revolve 

Jacket: H & M (old)

Shoes: Stella McCartney

Choker: TJ Maxx !

Bag: Dailylook

Lipstick: My shop!

Sunset at the Lake 

We spent a day in the beautiful historical Nyack, New York, just 45 minutes away from New York City. The quietness that greeted us after passing the GW bridge was so good for our souls. Among charming trademarked houses and cozy cafes we walked around and inhaled the fresh country air.

We started our day with brunch at the cult favorite Art Cafe. After eating the most delicious flavorful Middle Eastern ear like freshly baked pita bread and freshly blended hummus, we spent a few hours around the nature and ducks at the Hudson River.

Then we headed out to Harriman State Park   to explore the scenic Hudson Valley and experience the breathtaking sunset on the lake. We dipped into the warm crystal clean water as the sun set over the horizon and the leaves blew in the wind.

Caramel was the first to enter the lake and had the best time chasing fish.
We had a perfect day.

Just us.

In nature.




Welcome to the LoftLiife.com relaunch.  On LoftLiife.com I’ll post my viewpoint of my joirney called life. I often think how the gift I’m most grateful for is the gift of my eyes. This gift that enables me to capture the beauty of planet Earth.  All the beautiful places I visit and things I see inspire me. And that inspiration is what is constantly urges me to capture the precious moments of life.

Here is where I will share those moments. I will share photos, videos, and tips on how I live my best life and how you can, too. I will share healthy recipes, beauty favorites, and so much more.

Life is incredibly beautiful when you learn to see the beauty in every moment .

I hope you enjoy my visual journal and my personal thoughts on various things.


Stella Mccartney Spring ’18 Preview Collection

 Walking into Stella’s fairy green wonderland on the west side of Chelsea felt like a dream. The music was playing, drinks were being poured, and I was surrounded by pretty people who love fashion almost as much as I do. But the best part was previewing the incredible Spring ’18 collection.

Stella Mccartney is hands down my favorite designer and woman in fashion. A lifelong vegetarian, McCartney does not use any leather or fur in her designs. Ive always loved all of her designs including her famous fun and functional bags and insanely cool platform elyse shoes. But the Spring ’18 collection really blew me away. Her design aesthetic was full always very clean lines with funky details. But this collection was EVEN cleaner.  The pieces have a fun playful energy that meets functional cool and will work for the confident woman of all ages.IMG_4945

I think I have found the perfect tote.


So much YES for these cool shades. I cannot wait to style the yellow ones.


A cool backpack is a must for every city gal. I definitely need this for everyday and travel.






Finally an event with vegan Hors d’oeuvres. Yes please.








This is the bag of my dreams. Thank you Stella. All is LOVE ❤






The most exciting part of this collection for me is the new Elyse- sneaker. The new sporty take on her famous Elyse platform shoe is lightweight with a playful edge, combining classic sneaker elements with the modern facets of the Elyse.








The future of fashion is ethical. Stella proves that luxury and ethics can go hand in hand. Thank you Stella for being a loud voice and for creating beautiful luxury designs without the cruelty. I am looking forward to adding so many of these pieces to my vegan closet.


Hugs for now,

Layala ❤

Blue Jean Baby

Denim is part of my DNA. My style has always been a perfect mix of different styles and vibes. You see when living in NYC, specifically Brooklyn, comfort and functionality is key to your everyday style. I want to look good, but I also want to be warm, comfortable, effortless, and lastly cool.

This vintage Diesel one piece checks all the boxes. I scored it a few years ago at a thrift boutique and have worn it a million times and a million ways ever since.



denim 3




denim 4

Today, I paired it with a funky pair of shoes Yaakov (my partner)  gifted me. He knows my love for amazing and sometimes weird statement shoes. He picked up this pair from a South Brooklyn boutique called Enzyme.  Definitely inspired by Kanyes’ Yeezy collection, this is a cheap and comfortable take on the queer trend of plastic shoes. I love how the shoe texture and style works with the blue denim. And of course its 100% vegan and leather free as are all my other shoes. An almost identical pair is available here.

denim 5


denim 6

This statement Stella McCartney denim bag is simply perfect. I love the significantly heavy silver hardware and cool, funky, yet functional design. Stella’s bags are all vegan and made with sustainable fibers. More of her amazing bags here.

denim 7

Lastly, I layered with my basic black Theory coat and accessorized with a silver lariat necklace by HRH Collection. My signature brown lip is from the Careline ever last collection available on my cosmetics website.  These lipsticks dry on your lips and never come off! Talk about functionality!

Hope you guys enjoyed and stay tuned for more!




Photos by Ruchie Baum Photography 



Brooklyn Parisian Chic


Hi friends!

How has your week been? It has getting warmer and warmer in NYC and I am loving it! Everything is beginning to look greener, smell fresher, and faces are appearing happier. I am so excited for my favorite season to arrive. I hope that the frigid cold days of this winter season are over.

Now that March is here, I find myself reflecting on the first two months of the year, and the things I’ve accomplished. When the year started, I made a resolution to start blogging to  journal my love for fashion and design and to inspire others to live a healthy, ethical, and positive lifestyle. Its been really fun to record my favorite looks and I’m planning many fun segments for the future. I also promised that this year I will make all my dreams a reality. I am a huge dreamer. I always was. My imagination has no limits and I always think big and believe that everything I imagine can happen. The problem is making all my dreams a reality. I have come to the realization that if I want to transform my  big dreams into a concrete reality, I have to just jump in and go for it! I constantly overthink thingsand my ability to succeed but I keep on reminding myself that trying and failing is better than not trying at all. This will be my March mantra as I conquer many projects and work on creating the successful life I aspire to live.

This month, I will:

  1. Be kind to myself . “I am enough. My body is perfect. My flaws are what make me, me.” Say it with me.
  2.  Connect with creative people who lift me up and bring out the best in me.
  3. Try to make at least 3 Crossfit classes a week
  4. Take a few hikes. I love hiking and have missed the nature and rocks during the past few months.
  5. Empty out my overloaded closet and invest in nicer basic pieces that I can enjoy for many years to come! #minimalist
  6. Start a youtube channel, Finally! Stay tuned.
  7. Laugh more.
  8. Complain less.
  9. Take my bike down from its long winter hiatus and start cycling again.
  10. Keep on dreaming, creating, writing, and stay focused on my goals.



This outfit is my take on March fashion. It is still too early for spring pastels and light colors,  but some of the heavier layers are ready to come off. These H & M overalls are a closet staple for me, for all seasons. The kind of wardrobe piece I treasure and enjoy playing around with. The cut of this pair of overalls is different than most. It fits snugly, yet comfortably, and works with many different tops.


Today, I paired it with a thrifted faux silk striped shirt. This shirt was an amazing Goodwill find and I call it my Parisian chic theater shirt. I just imagine a chic French clown wore it on stage. I love how it works so well with the washed out denim dungarees and it makes such a great comfortable outfit. I paired it with a satin choker from Forever 21 that adds just a touch of grunge put -togetherness to this look.




Arm candy brought to you by Ozora Festival and Goody

Lipstick is Careline 24 from the Matte collection. Available here.


Being that I am a crazy hat lady, I am always searching for unique vegan hats which are proving to be quite the challenge. Even cheaper hats are usually made of wool. I was so happy to find this cute hat at TJ Maxx. Its by August Hat Company and the color, the shape, and the fit is so perfect and screams my name. (YES I’m aware that it needs a cleaning. I’m actually looking forward to going to the hat store. It just cracks me up #hipsters)



Say hello to my favorite pair of shoes. Get ready to watch her be styled many times many different ways. This pair is me if i’d be a shoe: Tough and pretty. Tomboyish, but delicate. I wear them almost every day.


This backpack is SO CUTE. It is leather free of course and very much inspired by Stella McCartney’s bag designs. I prefer this one because it is bigger and fits my macbook + all my other stuff when traveling. I scored it at a shoe store in Montreal called Browns. It was very affordable and I have been using it for years.

Backpacks > Handbags

Anyone agree?


 Have a great week my loves!

Photos by Ruchie Baum

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It would mean the world to me.

Love always,

Layala ❤


Top 10 Beauty Looks at the Oscars 2017

While most people are busy obsessing over the gorgeous one of a kind dresses at the Oscars, I am drooling over the stunning celebrity makeup looks. While you won’t see me wearing a custom designer made Swarovski covered gown anytime soon, as a professional makeup artist and beauty lover, I am captivated by the Oscars red carpet looks. Contrary to the latest insta-makeup trends, all of the Oscar looks are as usual fresh faced, unique and so real and wearable. From bronzed glamorous beauties, to pastel eyes and nude lips, here are all the looks that took my breath away.oscars1

Hailee Seinfeld looked like a dream in a bronzed cat eye (sans black eyeliner!), perfect wispy brows, and gorgeous peachy blush and matching lipstick. This look is the epitome of 2017 real life trends and I can’t stop loving it!

Credit: @getty images oscars2

The absolutely gorgeous Olivia Culpo looked stunning in a fresh and unique pastel purple eye. This look is an absolute winner and I’m looking forward to recreating this in the spring! Sir John (Beyonce’s MUA) is a Loreal brand ambassador and he blended Loreal shadows on her lid to create this look.. Unfortunately Loreal makeup is not cruelty free. Get a similar look by using this all vegan palette by KVD.

Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Actress Emma Stone is just a perfect glamorous classic hollywood babe!  Rachel Goodwin, Nars director of pro artistry created this picture perfect look by using the Nars Audacious Lipstick in Mona.  The gold smokey eye perfectly accentuates Emmas green eyes and gold gown. As always, Emma can do no wrong!

Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic


Darling makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury created this “bombshell glow look on the amazingly beautiful hilarious Emma Robert. The Bombshell look is Old Holywood meets fresh, glowing glamour, nIts all about perfected Hollywood skin, magical lights on the complexion, mesmerizing eyes that play with the light, and an iconic matte bombshell red carpet lip!”

Get the exact lipstick here

Credit: instagram.com/ctilburymakeup

One of the most famous celebrity makeup artist, Patrickta, whose looks are adored by all of  young hollywood,  created this ridiculously beautiful look on Vanessa Hudgens. I love how real and down to earth this look is with the statement bold brows, perfect dramatic wing liner, and balanced nude lip. He used both La Mer and Chanel makeup, both not cruelty free. Get a similar glowy look and perfect cat eyeliner by using cruelty free Careline products available on my cosmetics shop, here.

Credit: instagram.com/patrickta


Another simple yet flawless look created by the talented Patrick ta on singer Sofia Carson.  His signature messy bold brow as usual, gorgeous full lashes, a fresh clean eye, and a classic red lip. This look is so perfect and so achievable. For similar brows try this eyebrow tutorial. And for similar lip try this long-lasting liquid lipstik.

Credit: instagram.com/patrickta


The ever beautiful fashion blogger, Sazan Hendrix collaborated with Makeup artist Lyndsay Zavitz to create the perfect Oscars inspired look. Even though she probably didn’t attend the Oscars, I loved this look so much that I decided to include it. Lyndsay created the perfect smokey eye using Stila (cruelty free!) smudge pot  in black and on her lips used Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in ‘so Marylin‘.

Credit: instagram.com/sazanhendrix


Obviously, we have to take a moment to appreciate Halle Berry’s insanely beautiful statement hair. WOW! She perfectly balanced the dramatic hair with a simple and flattering glowy and bronzed look. The mesmerizing eyes, soft cheek, and simple nude lip works so0 well to accentuate her sharp features. What a beauty!

Credit: instagram.com/drybaroscars9

Another talented celeb makeup artist, Hung Vanngo created this flawless look on angel Karlie Kloss. I still can’t get enough of the textured, huge brows everywhere. The bronze cat eye is also slowly becoming a Hollywood classic. I am also obsessing over that blinding highlight , soft contour, and warm orange lip. Can we say FLAWLESS??

Credit: instagram.com/hungvanngooscars12Last, but not least, we need to talk about the goddess that is Scarlett Johansen. First of all, she is rocking the badass, sexy short hair. MUA Frankie Boyd created this beauty look using the famous Orgasm blush by Nars, one of my personal kit staples. He completed the look by blending warm tones on the eye, using a nude eyeliner in her waterline (to brighten and open the eyes!) and a soft nude lip.

Credit: Getty Entertainment

What were your favorite Oscars beauty looks? 



Escaping the city for a day

I love the city. But the concrete jungle can get a little stressful sometimes. Every few weeks, Yaakov and I like to drive over the George Washington to visit friends and family and relish in the untouched nature and quietness upstate. I just love waking up to the crisp fresh air, inhaling the peaceful energy, and running around freely with Caramel. This past Saturday was a beautiful sunny warm day and we spent it outdoors enjoying the beauty that is snowy suburbia on a warm winter day .




We woke up to this view….









We discovered a deserted train track, and ended up spending the beautiful golden hour there. The sun peeking through the trees was just incredible.








And just like that, our short visit was over and it was time to head back to NYC.




We will be back!

img_4655Velvet pants: Nasty gal

white shirt:Yaakov’s from Urban Outfitters

Coat: Theory (old and not vegan, hope to replace it soon!)

Beanie: CK via Urban Outfitters

Celebrating Love

Happy Valentines day friends!

Today was incredible.

Yaakov and I went to our newly discovered favorite Italian restaurant, Johns of 12th . Johns is a NYC classic since 1908 serving both vegan and non vegan Italian classics like raviolis, parmigians,  and cannoli. Their food never ever disappoints, and because we love Italian food so much,  we made reservations for V day. img_4454img_4457img_4458img_4459img_4461img_4462img_4465

This Reformation dress was obviously the perfect pick for this special night. Not only is Reformation one of my all time favorite fashion labels, but they are also an ethical brand that uses only sustainable methods and materials for producing their clothes.LOVE.  img_4466img_4467

Shoes are by Public desire  img_4468

Johns’ Valentines vegan menu was AMAZING. They had quite a few newer main course options including Eggplant parmigiana , several delicious sounding seitan dishes, and a tomato, spinach, and tofu ravioli with a basil marinara sauce. Naturally, I picked the latter. img_4471

I started my dinner with a big fresh green salad as I always do. img_4472

…..and then devoured the stuffed mushroom appetizer… img_4473

The ravioli was so so so satisfying and delicious. It was cheesy, full of spinach, with the perfect sauce, and sprinkle of basil. Although, I promised Ill treat myself to a dessert on this special day, after eating this dish, I just could not. Now that I think of it, I definitely should have had a scoop of John’s vegan ice cream. But at that moment, I could not think of any more food. Next time, I guess. img_4474img_4476img_4478img_4480


Thank you Yaakov for being such an incredible partner and my best friend.  7 Valentine days, and during every single one you have made me the happiest girl on the planet . I love you and am looking forward to our bright future!  img_4482

Overall, I had a great V day with my lover and the best vegan food. What else can a girl ask for? I hope all of you celebrating had a great day too. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to all my followers.


Layala ❤